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Our professionals are constantly asked to provide advice on various garage door topics. This is the reason we decided to share part of our knowledge with you directly on our website. This page contains diverse tips which will undoubtedly be of great use to you in different kinds of situations.

Ensure proper garage door track alignment

During maintenance, you have to confirm that the track sections are precisely aligned. Otherwise, the door may produce scraping sound as the rollers move and the track wall may get damaged. In case of misalignment, you need to loosen the bolts, adjust the sections properly and then fix them tightly into place. Replace missing and damaged bolts.

Check the safety sensors first in case of constantly reversing door

They must face each other precisely and be perfectly clean. Their wiring must be in good condition. Our experts recommend that you test them by placing a tissue box in front of one of them while the door is fully opened and engaging closing. If the door starts going down, the units must be immediately repaired or replaced.

Make sure no one breaks in through your garage

A key chain remote means that you can carry it on you wherever you go. Do not leave it inside your car where someone could break-in and use it to gain entry into your home through your garage. Keep away from children.

Proper maintenance will help your garage door last longer

Nothing could equate proper maintenance in the functionality and overall value of your unit. You need to have the door checked, especially if it used on a daily basis. Your unit’s moving parts have a prescriptive time to work perfectly fine and there’s no way of knowing other than checking it for yourself. Replace parts when needed, lubricate the moving metal parts, and perform regular inspections every now and then.

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