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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs
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The power of garage doors hides at their springs. Despite the fact that all components work to move the door and its automatic operation depends on the opener, the door actually goes up and down and remains still mid-way down thanks to the garage door springs. They have tremendous power thanks to the way they are installed and work. The most popular type for residential use is the extension garage door springs. Installed at the two sides of the door, they stretch their coils when the door is shut and hide their energy till they release it to move the door up. The other type is the torsion springs. These springs have a shaft going through them and this shaft transfers the movement of the spring as it turns on one side while its other end remains stationary.

Our team handles spring issues fast

Garage Door Springs Do you know why garage door springs are considered dangerous? They hide a lot of tension, are connected with other parts which can also hurt you, they wear faster, and they could snap if they are not installed or maintained properly. This is why you need the professional services of Garage Door Repair Robbinsdale. We have a fast and dynamic team of excellent professionals, who can be of assistance the same day you call if there are urgent spring problems. When springs give you trouble, you can count on us for immediate garage door repair spring services.

We can handle every spring problem, are experts in Clopay torsion spring and extension springs, are familiar with all types of springs manufactured by any other factory, and have the technical ability, knowledge and capacity to offer full spring services. You can count on us for garage door torsion spring adjustment and be sure that we will be to your house as soon as we can. We can offer our professional opinion in regard to springs, help you measure them before replacing them and evaluate their current condition.

As spring specialists, all services we provide are of the highest quality. We rush to replace garage door extension springs so that we can save you the hassle of dealing with a shut door due to broken springs or the possibility of injuries if springs break at your presence. We also offer excellent broken spring replacement and all repair services required so that springs can be strong and the door functional.

If you need our assistance for spring problems, give us a call!

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